A Data Breach You Can Smell
TIME Magazine, 2016
A Wildlife
Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2019


Seeds of Dissidence
Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee Radio, 2018

Garden Broadcast — Podcast episode with Marina Otero Verzier, Leanne Wijnsma, Karim Kattan and Laurie Cluitmans.

The Scent of Danger
Het Nieuwe Instituut / De Groene Amsterdammer, 2019

Text on A Wildlife by Coen van de Ven.

The ‘Unfathomable’ Pursuit of Personal Tunneling
Atlas Obscura, 2015

Article on Escape by Sarah Laskow.

Tunnel vision: underground exploration and escape
The Architectural Review, 2021

Essay by Lili Zarzycki referencing Escapism.

NYC Urban Soil Institute, 5th Annual Urban Soils symposium, 2020
Children of the Underground & Subterranean
Werkleitz Festival, 2018


What does a data leak smell like?
The Verge, 2017

Article on The Smell of Data by James Vincent.