Escape is a series of tunnels dug in the city.

An action triggered by the paradox of freedom. Littered with choices, our society offers an apparent freedom. Video streamed on demand anytime, even the most bizarre questions answered via online search, products you weren’t yet aware of you needed recommended specifically for you. Escape is a response to this world in which everything seems possible, in which we are always connected, always available. The digging is a basic act to escape and to disconnect. The act itself is an important experience, digging the soil to find fundament and autonomy. Escape is an urge to do something really banal yet essential.

The tunnel doesn’t lead to freedom. It ends just a few meters from where it starts. The choice to dig however becomes the freedom itself.

Tunnel #9: At Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk BE on 18 Jan 2014. Digging time: 14hrs 40min. Depth: 1,40m. Distance: 6,09m.

Tunnel #6: On 30 Jul 2014 Genoa, IT. Digging time: 1hr 42min. Depth: 0,41m

Tunnel #12&13: In collaboration with PLAN3D for a Lidar Scan on 3 Jun 2015 at Tempelhof Berlin, DE. Digging time: 5hrs 03min. Depth: 1,10m

Tunnel #14: At min20degree on 28 Jan 2016 in Flachau, AU. Digging time: 16hrs 45min. Depth: 1,32m

Potential workwear mock-up. Sponsors unfortunately never joined the extreme sport of digging ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Soil sample: Kolenkit, Amsterdam, NL. 2013

Soil sample: Tempelhof, Berlin, DE. 2014

Soil sample: Flachau, AU. 2016